Picking The Right School Bag & How To Wear It Well!

Niamh Pentony

Niamh Pentony

MSc. Applied Ergonomics

It is that time of year again, when shopping for school supplies has begun. The schoolbag, or backpack, is a vital piece of equipment. It will be used to transport supplies at least twice a day, placing loads on the developing spine.

Correct schoolbag selection for the user and correct schoolbag use will ensure that you are protecting the musculoskeletal development of the young user and instilling good habits for the future.

In this episode, I will describe what you should consider when buying a schoolbag, or back pack, for a child, or yourself! I will also outline how to use the back pack to reduce the strain on the musculoskeletal system.

The blog for this episode can be found on: https://boyneergonomics.ie/selecting-the-correct-school-bag-for-young-users/

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