Ergonomic Assessments

What is a Job Demands Analysis?

A Job Demands Analysis is an objective assessment of the physical, cognitive and psychosocial demands of a specific role. 

A Job Demands Analysis can be used at pre-employment level to ensure candidates have the capability to complete the require tasks. It can also be used to aid return to work protocols, rehabilitation planning and income protection claims. 

Components of the assessment are:

  • Discussion with relevant management and employees to confirm role details
  • Observation to verify essential and non-essential tasks associated with role
  • Objective measurement of the tasks and subtasks cycles
  • Objective measurement of the intensity, duration and frequency of the physical elements of the tasks

A report is then issued to the relevant parties detailing the recorded demands of the essential and non-essential tasks that comprise a role.  

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How long does a Jobs Demand Analysis take?

Assessment length varies based on role.

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