Keystone VDU Eye Assessments

What is a Keystone VDU Eye Sight Test?

A VDU eye sight test is carried out on employees who use Visual Display Units / Display Screen Equipment in the workplace. This includes:

  • Employees that have no choice but to use the VDU to carry out their work
  • Employees that continuously use the VDU for more than one hour at a time
  • Employees that use the VDU on a general basis

The test is carried out on a Keystone vision screener. This device tests the following components of vision:

  • Distance vision in right eye, left eye and both eyes together
  • Night distance vision 
  • VDU vision in both eyes together
  • Near vision in right eye, left eye and both eyes together
  • Eye coordination 
  • Fusion of far and near points 
  • Colour vision
  • Depth perception
  • Horizontal peripheral vision

How often should the VDU Eye sight test be carried out?

The test should be carried out every two years on employees with normal vision and on an annual basis for employees with abnormal / borderline vision.

How Long does the EYE TEST take?

The test generally takes 10 minutes per person

Should corrective lenses be worn during the test?

If glasses or contact lenses are worn or have been prescribed, they should be brought to the test.

When will the test results be given?

Employees will be informed of their results at the time of the test. The employer will be sent a report outlining the employees who attended for the test and highlighting any employees that require glasses for VDU work.

Are employers required to pay for glasses for their employees?

If the VDU eye test shows that glasses are required for VDU work, the costs of minimum requirement frames and lenses must be borne by the employer. 

Where an employee already wears lenses and routine change of lenses arises, if these glasses are adequate also for VDU work, the employer is not liable as regards meeting the cost. 

Employers are not liable for the cost of lenses for distance / near vision correction.

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How long does a Keystone VDU test take?

The test generally takes 10 minutes per person.

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