May Product Review – Tendence Office Chair

Niamh Pentony

Niamh Pentony

MSc. Applied Ergonomics

If you’re spending hours at your computer desk at home, finding the right chair is not just about comfort; it’s about sustaining productivity and preventing strain or injury. 

I am asked so often for recommendations for a “good” chair for people to use at their home workstations. This can be a difficult question to answer as we are all built differently, have different needs and different preferences. Of course, there are some very well known chairs that are popular in offices around the world, but some of these can be expensive and beyond what the average DSE user is willing or able to pay for a chair for their workstation. However, there is a chair that I have come across a bit lately that I think comes in under the radar as a good all round mid-price office chair, with excellent customer service to boot. 

The Tendence chair, a flagship model available from StudioLine, could be the ideal solution for home office setups, balancing ergonomics, style, sustainability and durability.




It is available in a range of styles, mechanisms and fabrics.

I recently tried the fabric synchro mechanism, 3D adjustable soft PU arms, seat depth adjustment, ratchet back height adjustment model. 



Design and Comfort

The Tendence chair offers a sleek, modern look that fits well in any home office decor. It comes with a variety of upholstery options including mesh, fabric, and leather, allowing users to choose according to their comfort and style preferences. The chair is designed with an adjustable headrest and a patented ergonomic backrest that conforms to various body shapes, ensuring tailored support.

The seating that I tried was the fabric back chair. It was supportive, without being too firm and rigid. 

The seat is built with a high-density polyurethane resin covered beech plywood, which provides both resilience and comfort for long hours of seating. This combination makes the Tendence chair not just comfortable but also promotes a good seating posture, crucial for those lengthy work sessions.



One of the standout features of the Tendence chair is its high level of adjustability. 

Seating height adjustment in the model I tried went from 450mm – 560mm.

The height-adjustable backrest ensures that users of different heights can find their perfect fit. The 5 block recline adjustment ensures the backrest is positioned appropriately for your preferred typing position, enhancing both comfort and ergonomic support.

The armrests on the model I tried were adjustable in height, width and depth which ensures adequate support to help maintain relaxed shoulders and upper limbs. 


Mobility and Stability

The base of the chair is made from fiberglass-loaded nylon with a metal safety ring, ensuring stability and long-lasting use. The wheels are designed for all types of flooring and include a braking mechanism, which is particularly useful for home environments where floor types can vary from room to room.



The Tendence is built from recyclable materials and designed to be eco-friendly, which is increasingly important as we become more environmentally conscious in our purchasing decisions.

The modular design and interchangeable parts allows for flexibility for users and longer chair life, as parts can be replaced as required, reducing waste and cost. 


Warranty and Support

A substantial five-year warranty backs the Tendence chair, which speaks volumes about its durability and the manufacturer’s confidence in its product. 

This long-term warranty ensures that users can rely on substantial support and guarantees a worthwhile investment for any home office. 


Models and Pricing

(Correct on date of posting)

Tendence 3D/S: Synchro mechanism + 3D adjustable soft PU arms + Sliding seat mechanism, Ratchet back height adj. in fabric or mesh @ €379.00 net

Tendence 3D/S: as above but with Bio-Proof treated wipe able eco leather fabrics @ €389.00 net

Tendence 1D/S: as above but with 1D height adjustable plastic arms + sliding seat mechanism @ €319.00 net

Tendence 1D: as above with 1D height adjustable arms no sliding seat. @ €299.00 net

All plus vat at 23 % extra – Delivered and installed.



Overall, the Tendence chair is a robust, comfortable, and stylish option for any home-based computer user. Its focus on ergonomic support, coupled with adjustable features and a strong warranty, make it a compelling choice for those looking to invest in their health and productivity through quality office furniture.

Whether you’re dealing with back issues or just looking for a reliable chair that can keep up with your work routine, the Tendence chair promises to meet and exceed expectations.

Personally, this is a seating option that I will be considering when the time comes to change my own workstation seating and is a chair I would recommend for DSE users.

To check out the chair online please see the link below



This is an independent review for information purposes. I have not received any payment or gratuity as a result of posting this review and I do not receive any affiliation payments as a result of products ordered.

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