Ergonomically Speaking .... The Podcast

Episode 5 looks at the Top 5 non-essential but definitely desirable pieces of equipment that DSE users should have to help improve support, stability, positioning and mobility while working on the computer.
How do you put together a DSE workstation!? What do you need (apart from the computer!) and how do you know if its right? I have you covered as I outline the 5 basic pieces of kit you need to set up a DSE workstation (Sorry for my voice, I was getting over a rotten...
Episode 3 focuses on how best to position yourself at your computer to reduce the risk of discomfort and injury. I recommend listening to this one at your desk so you can check your positioning as I talk you through it! 🙂
Episode 2 looks at what is posture, why it matters & why ergonomics focuses on reducing repetitive / adverse postures
A quick intro to the who, what and why of the Ergonomically Speaking… podcast from Boyne Ergonomics.

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